Show Notes

Dive into the captivating world of generative AI and its profound implications on education in this thought-provoking podcast episode. As Jenny sets the stage for an enlightening discussion, you’ll discover the power of AI tools and their potential impact on classrooms.

Educational technology expert Andrea Baer joins the conversation, unraveling the complexities of generative AI and how it differs from traditional AI. Get ready to explore innovative ways educators can seamlessly integrate AI into their teaching methodologies. From engaging dialogues through chatbot platforms to generating dynamic lesson plans and even personifying historical figures, Andrea unveils the endless possibilities AI presents.

The episode delves into the responsible use of AI and the critical-thinking skills needed to navigate this new era. Andrea addresses common concerns, from age-appropriate use to the limitations of AI and the ever-important art of fact-checking.

Tune in to discover practical strategies for harnessing AI’s potential without compromising the integrity of education. Whether you’re pondering age restrictions or contemplating whether to block AI tools in schools, this episode provides the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Join us for an engaging conversation that ignites curiosity and unlocks the potential of AI in education. Gain valuable insights into the responsible integration of AI tools and the profound impact they can have on students’ learning experiences. Listen now and empower yourself to navigate the evolving landscape of education technology with confidence and purpose.

About Our Guest

Andrea Baer

Andrea Baer is a seasoned educator with over 17 years of experience teaching in Christian schools across diverse locales, from Hawaii to North Carolina. Holding a master’s degree in science education, Andrea exhibits a passion for subjects ranging from chemistry and biology to precalculus and yearbook. Beyond her classroom responsibilities, she is recognized for her deep-seated love for educational technology. Over the past decade, professionals have frequently encountered Andrea at educators’ conferences, where she consistently stands out for her practical sessions. Her expertise in educational technology often takes center stage, offering valuable insights to fellow educators. Andrea’s dedication to teaching and technology remains evident through her impactful contributions to the field.

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