Show Notes

“God placed this child in your classroom for some reason.”-Anita Pleasants

Addressing extreme behaviors inside the classroom may not be a topic widely discussed but it is becoming more and more prevalent in the classroom.   If you know an educator who hasn’t been listening to the Teacher Edition podcast, here is your chance to share the show with him or her and know that it will be applicable no matter what grade or subject he or she teaches.

Jenny Copeland invites Anita Pleasants, a veteran educator of 25 years and current director for Child Evangelism Fellowship in Charlotte, North Carolina, to discuss her experience with extreme behaviors and her burden for these students.  Teachers may feel a sense of helplessness when they are confronted with these challenges with their students. 

In this encouraging episode, Jenny and Anita answer these tough questions you may be asking:

  • Where do you start as a teacher facing extreme behavior difficulties?
  • What are the foundational mindsets you need as a teacher to help a struggling student?
  • In what ways can you help the student’s situation? 
  • How can you partner with the parents to move forward?

If you are a teacher facing a similar situation, we know you will feel encouraged by this episode.  Jenny and Anita  help you to gain practical strategies for handling extreme behaviors and to be inspired by a compassionate approach to teaching. 

“Children are so perceptive. They read our frustration and that doesn’t help the situation. For those who are really struggling, that could really be a final straw for them. God has allowed that child to be in our class for a reason. We want to fight for them.”- Jenny Copeland

About Our Guest

Anita Pleasants

Anita Pleasants has been a part of early education for 25 years.  With degrees in Early Childhood Education and Counseling, she held many different positions, such as lead teacher and preschool director.  Most recently, Anita became the director for Child Evangelism Fellowship in Charlotte, NC.  She works part-time at a Christian school in Matthews, NC and then helps churches organize Good News Clubs at public schools in the afternoon.  Anita has a special burden for children here in the states who are growing up learning nothing about the gospel or Biblical principles.  Her goal is to reach the children and their families through Bible clubs and training children’s ministry workers in local churches.

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