Show Notes

Unlock the secrets to seamless days away from the classroom in this insightful podcast episode. Join Jenny and Barbara Shimmel, a seasoned substitute teacher, as they delve into the world of substitute teaching.

With the spotlight on teacher preparation, Barbara reveals the must-haves for every substitute teacher’s toolkit. From meticulous lesson plans to crystal-clear classroom expectations, the duo dissects the art of setting the stage for a successful day of learning.

Barbara’s anecdotes bring to life the delicate balance of student dynamics and substitute teaching. Discover the strategies and practical tips that empower substitute teachers to seamlessly navigate varied student reactions, from the enthusiastic to the creative.

Join us for an insightful episode that uncovers the intricacies of substitute teaching, offers valuable tips for classroom harmony, and sheds light on how to keep the learning and routines rolling even in your absence. Listen now and equip yourself with the insights you need to create an enriching experience for both substitute teachers and students alike. Tune in and embark on a journey of educational excellence!

About Our Guest

Barbara Shimmel

Ms. Barbara Shimmel has an extensive background in teaching. She is a dedicated mother of four and has passionately imparted knowledge to students in various educational settings in both Michigan and South Carolina, ranging from fourth grade to college level. In addition to her experience in formal educational settings, she also dedicated a decade to homeschooling her children. Barbara’s versatility is evident in her ability to effectively teach a diverse range of subjects and grade levels as a substitute teacher.

Renowned for her creativity and enthusiasm in the classroom, she seamlessly merges enjoyable learning experiences with adept classroom management skills. This is especially commendable given the challenges of stepping into unfamiliar classrooms. Her proficiency as both a full-time teacher and a substitute provides her with a unique and comprehensive perspective on education.

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