Show Notes

In the second part of Jenny’s conversation with guest Becky Teruel, they continue to unlock the secrets to cultivating a profound love for reading among students. Discover innovative strategies, such as literary “speed dating” and “book doctors” to implement in your classroom. Learn how to create an environment that breathes literature within the school, and unravel the pivotal role parents play in fostering a love for reading at home.

  • Should teachers use traditional reading logs?
  • What advice can educators give to parents to encourage children to read at home?
  • What impact do reading habits have on children’s academic performance?
  • How can educators inspire a genuine passion for reading?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in this exciting episode of Teacher Edition! Tune in now to gain practical ideas, unravel surprising statistics, and be inspired to foster a lifelong love for reading in the young minds you influence.

About Our Guest

Becky Teruel

Becky Teruel has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. She has been in education for over 20 years. She has taught various grades and subjects and has experience also as an early interventionist working with young children with deficits. She is currently serving as a national consultant with BJU Press, helping teachers and schools across the country.

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