Show Notes

“God’s Word is clear that the primary responsibility for training up children is with the parents, so we partner with parents.  We are not the parents.  Christian schools are also not the church, and it’s important that they don’t see themselves in that role.  Instead, the Christian school and the church are powerful tools for partnering with parents in training up their children.  Each has its own opportunities and unique input, but that all being said, there is a common thread  and that is the vital need for discipleship. ”
– Jenny Copeland

In this inspiring episode of Teacher Edition, Jenny Copeland welcomes Brad Parker, a seasoned educator with over 20 years in Christian education. Currently serving as Lead Administrator at Matthews Christian Academy, Brad brings a wealth of experience from various roles including teacher, coach, business manager, school administrator, and university professor.

Throughout Brad’s career, he has displayed a deep passion for Christian education, evident in his commitment to impacting both the ministry and students alike. Today, Jenny sits down with Brad to explore the important role of spiritual growth and how to cultivate discipleship within Christian schools.

Throughout their encouraging conversation, Jenny and Brad discuss: 

  • The Current Impact of Culture on Students Minds and Hearts
  • Implementing Gospel-Centered Discipleship Programs for Staff and Students
  • Utilizing Helpful Practical Discipleship Tools
  • The Powerful Role of a Teacher in a Student’s Lives

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, Brad encourages teachers to be intentional with building relationships with students and creating a lasting impact inside the students’ lives through the power of discipleship.  For students, having a safe place to ask questions about cultural topics and receive biblically based answers is invaluable. 

I don’t think we can discount the role that a teacher plays in the spiritual aspect of helping a young person grow.
 Brad Parker

About Our Guest

Brad Parker

Brad Parker has served in Christian education with his wife, Amy since 2000 as a teacher, coach, business manager, school administrator, and assistant pastor.  His current role is Lead Administrator at Matthews Christian Academy in Matthews, NC.  He also teaches college courses in Biblical Counseling and Educational Leadership.  He supports Christian schools in Pennsylvania for the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) and also serves on accreditation teams in the mid-Atlantic to encourage school improvement.  He and his wife have 2 children. 

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