Show Notes

“If you burn the candle at both ends, it only lasts half as long.”- Brian Washburn

Having a “work life balance” is a term we commonly hear. Jenny Copeland, host of The Teacher Edition Podcast and veteran educator, Brian Washburn, discuss the topic of establishing balance in family, ministry and education.  Finding a balance, especially when working in ministry can be so tricky.

How do you say no when it is ministry?

How do you meet the needs of your family when ministry is always there?

What is “having a life”?

These are the dilemmas we face every day, yes, even in ministry. We want to work hard and give our best, but how do we do that in two places? And how do we navigate this dilemma with two groups of people who mean a lot to us?

Jenny and Brian discuss:

  • Brian’s journey into Christian education
  • The difference between ”at” church vs. “in” church
  • Maintaining balance outside of school hours
  • Defining and choosing what matters
  • The dangers and consequences of imbalance

As educators, you may be feeling like you are at the end of your rope. Jenny and Brian share helpful tools so that teachers avoid burnout. Through examining ourselves spiritually, evaluating where you are being filled spiritually and relationally, and recognizing our own limitations encourages us to stay in a healthy work life balance.

If you are weary and exhausted or find yourself on the brink of wanting to quit, please know there are ways to bring back peace in your heart, home, and within your classroom.

“We are setting a trajectory of how our students will view ministry in their future.”– Jenny Copeland

About Our Guest

Brian Washburn

Brian Washburn grew up in upstate New York and has been in Christian education for over 35 years, serving both as a teacher and an administrator.  He has a bachelors degree in Bible Education, a masters degree in Personnel Services, and a Specialist degree in Education.  His ministry in Christian schools began in Indianapolis, and since then he has served in Charleston, SC, and is currently at Temple Baptist School in Asheville, NC.  Brian and his wife have 2 children and 7 grandchildren.

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