Show Notes

Attention all Christian educators! It’s time to equip your students with a biblical worldview that will guide them through a world filled with technology and secularism. In the latest episode of The Teacher Edition podcast, Jenny interviews Bryan Smith, Director of Biblical Worldview Formation at BJU Press, to discuss the crucial role of biblical worldview shaping in Christian education, especially even on the first day of school.

Bryan shares insights on some of the biggest challenges teachers and parents are facing today, thoughts on why biblical worldview shaping must be intentional even in a Christian school environment, his expertise on how BJU Press products contribute to developing a biblical worldview in students, and practical strategies for teachers and parents to incorporate biblical worldview shaping into their daily lives. He emphasizes the importance of connecting character back to a biblical worldview and incorporating digital citizenship into instruction from a biblical perspective.

As Christian educators, it’s our duty to equip our students with a biblical worldview that will guide them through life. In a world where technology is king, we must teach our students how to view the world through a biblical lens. This episode of The Teacher Edition podcast is a must-listen for all Christian educators. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to impact and inspire your students through God’s power and grace.

Tune in now and discover how to overcome the challenges of teaching children in a secular world and instill in your students a biblical worldview in your students that will last a lifetime. Prioritize biblical worldview shaping from day one of the school year and start shaping the minds of the next generation!

About Our Guest

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith has a PhD  in Old Testament Interpretation and has worked in Christian education for 30 years, serving as a classroom teacher as well as a textbook author. He is currently serving as the director of Biblical Worldview Formation at BJU Press. Bryan and his team work on a daily basis to come alongside authors and teachers to assist them in the work of shaping a biblical worldview in the classroom.

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