Show Notes

Dive into the world of technology in education with the newest episode of our podcast, hosted by Jenny. In this exciting installment, Jenny has an enlightening conversation with Carol Riddle, a dedicated teacher from a Christian school in North Carolina, recognized for integrating cutting-edge technology programs into her curriculum.

Carol unfolds her intriguing journey from clinical lab work to education and from low-tech to techie, providing valuable insights on incorporating STEM subjects into everyday teaching. She delves into her hands-on experiences with 3D printing, robotics, electronics, coding, and design, underlining how technology can radically transform the classroom environment.

Throughout the conversation, Carol emphasizes the need for educators to be proactive, encouraging the pursuit of technology proficiency and detailing how a well-planned and thoroughly budgeted proposal can set the stage for program approval. She opens up about the challenges she faced along the way, offering a candid look at the complexities of introducing technology programs into a school setting.

Listeners will also benefit from Carol’s practical tips for launching a technology program, drawn from her real-world experiences in pioneering such initiatives at her school. Whether you’re an educator looking to innovate your teaching approach or simply interested in the role of technology in modern education, this episode is packed with useful insights and advice.

Ready to gain a fresh perspective on education and technology? Tune in now to this enlightening conversation with Carol Riddle, and get inspired to bring the future of learning into your classroom today!

About Our Guest

Carol Riddle

Carol Riddle, a native of eastern North Carolina, holds diverse qualifications in clinical laboratory science, adult education, and a master’s of education in Teaching and Learning. She is currently furthering her expertise with a certificate in science education. With more than 25 years of laboratory experience, she has utilized her expertise as an educator in various settings, from colleges to home education.

Presently, Carol teaches an array of subjects, including honors chemistry, biology, STEM, and health, at a Christian school in Kinston, NC. Beyond traditional pedagogy, Carol stands out as an innovator, having come from a minimal-technology background to now having initiated numerous programs over the past six years covering contemporary learning domains such as 3D printing, robotics, electronics, coding, and design.. Her work reflects a commitment to nurturing a multifaceted learning environment for the next generation.

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