Show Notes

Unlock the transformative power of prayer and spiritual formation in education with this episode! Jenny along with guests Christie Peterson and Sarah Stortro explore the profound impact of prayer in building a foundation for students to emulate and embody the teachings of Jesus.

This episode of Teacher Edition offers practical insight to deep questions like…

  • How does prayer foster unity among students and staff?
  • What insights can be gained regarding the cultivation of healthy prayer rhythms in students’ lives, encompassing everything from morning prayers to nighttime reflections of gratitude?
  • In what ways is prayer seamlessly integrated into the school culture, and how does it impact both middle school students and the creation of interactive prayer experiences in elementary and high school?
  • What challenges and successes are uncovered when forming partnerships with parents in the spiritual formation journey, and how does this emphasize the vital role of parents from admissions to a collaborative approach in Christian education?
  • How is a biblical worldview strategically incorporated across subjects, and why is it essential to stand up for spiritual growth in education?

Teachers, administrators, and parents alike are invited to tune in and gain practical advice and encouragement to embrace their role in shaping young minds and hearts. Join the conversation and be inspired to champion spiritual formation in the lives of the current generation. Listen now and be part of the transformative journey in education.

About Our Guests

Christie Peterson

Christy is the superintendent of Faith Bible Christian School in Hillsboro, Oregon. She has a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, a master’s in early and middle school regular and special education, and an EdD in educational leadership as well. She has served in a number of educational roles, including as a teacher, Title One coordinator, principal, university professor, and even a bus driver.

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