Show Notes

Dive into the complexities of modern education with Jenny and guest Cindy Dickinson, a seasoned educator. Uncover the challenges educators face in the digital age, from the influence of technology and social media to battling student apathy.

This episode tackles many hard questions facing educators today. 

  • How do teachers keep students engaged in a digital world?
  • Is there a difference between entertainment and engagement?
  • What are some ways to get and keep students engaged in a lesson?
  • How do educators adapt teaching methods according to students’ needs while maximizing engagement?

Learning needs to be authentic, connecting to the real world. As Christian educators, we have the privilege and responsibility of teaching with a biblical worldview. 

Don’t miss this episode that not only addresses these challenges but empowers educators to inspire through God’s grace. Tune in and be part of the transformative conversation! 

About Our Guest

Cindy Dickenson

Cindy Dickinson brings over 30 years of extensive experience in the field of education, having dedicated her expertise on three different continents. In addition to her role as a dedicated teacher, Cindy spent several years in China, contributing to educational administration and the training of Chinese nationals in classrooms. Notably, she played a pivotal role in shaping the biblical worldview of students through her work with teachers. Presently, Cindy continues her impactful work with educators, serving as a national consultant with BJU Press.

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