Show Notes

In this episode of Teacher Edition, host Jenny and seasoned educator Damian Ahrens discuss the intricacies of maintaining the success of Christian schools amid unprecedented challenges, notably the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Rich Educational Journey: Damian Ahrens shares his rich journey in education, highlighting the importance of upholding a school’s core mission and values.
  • Exploration of Authenticity: Explore the profound impact of authenticity in educational settings, as well as the importance of roles in the family, church, and discipleship
  • Insights into Mentorship: Gain knowledge on mentoring the next generation of educators and the need for godly wisdom to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education.
  • Characteristics of Thriving Schools: Discover deep insights into the essential characteristics of Christian schools that not only survive but thrive amidst adversity.
  • Roles of Family and Church: Engage in a profound examination of the pivotal roles of family, local church, and discipleship in fostering a nurturing educational environment.
  • Impact of Influential Figures: Reflect on thought-provoking reflections on the enduring impact of influential figures in Christian education and the responsibility to mentor the next generation of educators.
  • Guidance in Challenges: Receive practical advice on seeking godly wisdom and guidance to navigate the multifaceted challenges encountered in the realm of Christian education.

Curious to learn more? Here are some highlights:

  • Impact of COVID-19: Candid discussions on the impact of COVID-19 on educational paradigms and the resilience required to adapt while staying true to Christian principles.
  • Insights into Thriving Environment: Personal stories from Damian Ahrens and invaluable insights into fostering a thriving Christian educational environment, steeped in prayer and humility.
  • Enduring Influence of Biblical Worldview: Thought-provoking reflections on the enduring influence of a biblical worldview in shaping curricula, pedagogy, and the overall ethos of Christian schools.

Tune in today to glean wisdom from these educational experts and discover strategies for navigating the complexities of contemporary Christian education!

About Our Guest

Damian Ahrens

Damian Ahrens is a seasoned educator with experience spanning parochial, private, public, and Christian schools. Possessing degrees in biology education, pastoral studies, teaching science, and educational leadership, Damian’s academic journey reflects his commitment to excellence. Alongside his wife, he treasures family time with their six children. An avid basketball coach and enthusiast of Puritan literature, Damian’s passion lies in advancing Christian education.

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