Show Notes

Embark on a journey of pedagogical wisdom in this episode, as Jenny converses with Don Sherwin, a seasoned educator. In this conversation regarding contributors to job satisfaction in education, of job satisfaction in education, Don delves into several cornerstones of a thriving classroom – including student motivation and effective classroom management.

Through candid anecdotes, Don unveils how a pivotal lesson early in his career transformed his approach to classroom control. The art of taking ownership of the learning environment, and the subsequent positive impact on student behavior, comes to life in his words.

Prepare to be captivated as Don unravels his dynamic teaching strategies that transcend rote memorization. He sheds light on igniting active engagement, nurturing critical thinking, and fostering deep understanding among students. With enthusiasm, he paints a picture of a classroom where learning isn’t just a chore but a joyous exploration.

Join us for an episode that encapsulates the essence of effective teaching, from the transformative power of taking responsibility to the magic of infusing learning with delight. Tune in now to uncover insights that will not only enrich your teaching journey but also leave a lasting impact on your students’ learning experience. Listen and learn from the best; your classroom will thank you.

About Our Guest

Don Sherwin

Don Sherwin’s commitment to education is evident. Beyond just mastering the subject, Don’s genuine passion for teaching and his unwavering dedication to serving the Lord as a Christian educator set him apart. His varied teaching journey has taken him from pre-college and college classrooms to a one-room school setup for secondary students in Kansas, highlighting his adaptability and commitment.

Don has also showcased his leadership skills, having served as an assistant principal and principal in schools in Wisconsin and Illinois. He currently stands at the helm as the school principal at Marquette Manor Baptist Academy in Downers Grove, Illinois.

On the personal front, Don and his wife are proud parents to six children. Remarkably, three have followed in his footsteps into Christian education, while another has become a missionary. The couple also cherishes the joy of three grandchildren. Don’s lasting influence in Christian education, both in the classroom and within his own family, speaks volumes about his legacy and dedication.

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