Show Notes

In this insightful first part of the conversation, Jenny and guest Doug Dawson delve into the profound significance of fostering connections within Christian education.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Prioritizing Personal Connections: Explore the significance of fostering personal connections over content in Christian education, highlighting how relationships can profoundly impact student growth and academic success, as well as working relationships, trust, and camaraderie.
  • Doug Dawson’s Educational Journey: Gain valuable insights from Doug Dawson’s extensive experience in education and administration, where he shares wisdom acquired from nurturing spiritual gifts and cultivating meaningful relationships.
  • Navigating Societal Pressures: Delve into thought-provoking discussions on the challenges Christian schools face in maintaining their values amidst societal pressures, and discover strategies for equipping students with a solid biblical foundation to navigate college life.
  • Practical Guidance for Educators: Receive practical advice on effectively engaging with teachers, mentoring students, and recruiting educators who align with a biblical worldview, fostering a cohesive educational environment rooted in Christian principles.

Curious to learn more? Here are some highlights:

  • Doug Dawson’s Spiritual Leadership: Gain insights from Doug Dawson’s inspiring anecdotes and reflections on how spiritual gifts shape educational leadership and cultivate a thriving school community.
  • Adapting Administrative Approaches: Discover the importance of listening to the needs of students and teachers and adapting administrative approaches accordingly, as emphasized through compelling insights.
  • Hope for Christian Education: Embrace a hopeful outlook on the future of Christian education, driven by Doug’s conviction in the transformative impact educators can achieve with divine guidance.

Tune in today to gain practical insights and discover strategies for fostering meaningful connections within Christian education!

About Our Guest

Doug Dawson

Doug Dawson is originally from North Carolina and is currently serving, along with his wife, at Killian Hill Christian School in Lilburn, GA. Doug has degrees in science education and educational leadership. They have three grown children and when they aren’t at school, Doug and his wife enjoy being outdoors: kayaking, mountain bike riding, hiking, and even enjoying some astronomy.

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