Show Notes

In this second part of the thought-provoking conversation, Jenny and guest Doug Dawson delve into the profound significance of fostering connections within Christian educatio

  • Balancing Administrative Priorities: Delve into insightful discussions on balancing administrative responsibilities while upholding a strong biblical foundation in educational institutions, ensuring alignment with Christian values in all aspects of school management.
  • Navigating Cultural Changes: Learn from Doug Dawson’s wealth of experience in training others to share administrative responsibilities and adapting to cultural changes while steadfastly upholding a biblical worldview.
  • Addressing Societal Challenges: Engage in compelling conversations on addressing societal pressures and challenges faced by Christian schools, including enrollment fluctuations and maintaining a distinct Christian ethos in today’s society.
  • Encouraging Careers in Christian Education: Gain compelling insights into the impact of societal events on school enrollment, and discover the critical role of encouraging graduates to pursue careers in Christian education, ensuring the continuation of Christian educational values for future generations.

Curious to learn more? Here are some highlights:

  • Strategies for School Leadership: Learn from Doug Dawson’s strategies for reaching out to teachers, prioritizing tasks, and remaining steadfast in upholding the school’s values amidst cultural shifts.
  • Preparing the Next Generation: Engage in thought-provoking reflections on future challenges for Christian schools and the necessity of preparing the next generation to uphold biblical principles in leadership roles.
  • Optimism for Christian Education: Embrace an optimistic outlook on the trajectory of Christian education, and heed Doug’s heartfelt call to educators to stay with their calling.

Tune in today to gain practical insights and discover strategies for fostering meaningful connections within Christian education!

About Our Guest

Doug Dawson

Doug Dawson is originally from North Carolina and is currently serving, along with his wife, at Killian Hill Christian School in Lilburn, GA. Doug has degrees in science education and educational leadership. They have three grown children and when they aren’t at school, Doug and his wife enjoy being outdoors: kayaking, mountain bike riding, hiking, and even enjoying some astronomy.

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