Show Notes

Are you curious about how to build meaningful connections with students? Then join Jenny and special guest, Emily Snodgrass, as they unravel the profound importance of fostering genuine connections with students. Join Emily, a dedicated missionary in Peru, as she shares her rich experiences and underscores the role of educators as ambassadors for God’s work. 

In this episode, Jenny and Emily wrestle with the hard questions when it comes to teaching and connecting with students beyond the lectures, homework, and assessments.. In this episode, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Why are relationships vital for true classroom success?
  • What challenges keep educators from building relationships with students?
  • What are some practical strategies for moving beyond the book and impacting students as individuals?

Transform your teaching and your long-term impact as you are challenged with the power of personal connection. Tune in today to further your educational odyssey and upgrade your teaching paradigm! 

About Our Guest

Emily Snodgrass

Emily’s commitment to her missionary work in Peru has been evident to those fortunate enough to cross paths with her over the years. Born into a devout Christian household, Emily embraced her faith from the tender age of four. From her early years, she felt a calling towards foreign missions. Her journey toward dedicating her life to God was shaped by the influence of her family, church, and Christian school education.

Emily’s path to missionary work was cultivated through various experiences: from a mission trip to Puerto Rico and acquiring Spanish language skills during her high school and college years, to counseling at camps, studying women’s ministries at BJU, and pursuing graduate studies in education. These formative experiences culminated in 2008 when she was called to serve as a missionary in Peru.

For eight rewarding years, Emily dedicated herself to teaching in a bilingual Christian school in Lima, catering to middle-class families. Concurrently, she also worked alongside seasoned missionaries in a church plant situated in the underprivileged district of Manchay. In 2016, following the Lord’s leading, Emily relocated to an isolated part of the Andes Mountains, partnering with a Peruvian missionary to support a local pastor in the village of Chinchil. There, she extensively engaged with children, teens, and women, deeply impacting their lives.

By 2020, Emily further expanded her reach by developing a course for the Peruvian Baptist Bible College. Through this initiative, she trains women to establish and nurture ministries for children, teens, and women in their churches. As these women return to serve in the churches of the mountains and jungles, Emily’s legacy continues to make a lasting impact with her teaching and commitment to pour into the lives of those the Lord allows her to minister to.

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