Show Notes

How do we minister to children who have endured the darkest corners of adversity? Brace yourself as we delve into the depths of trauma and explore how Christian school educators can be the guiding lights that illuminate the path to healing and resilience.

Welcome to a profound episode of the Teacher Edition Podcast, where Esther Cruice, a foster care coordinator with Miracle Hill Ministries, fearlessly confronts the haunting reality of adverse childhood experiences that shape the lives of these courageous young souls. With raw vulnerability, she unveils the pain of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, and divorce that silently lurks beneath the surface of their innocent hearts.

In this episode, you’ll learn about red flags, symptoms of abuse, how you can be a safe space of love, the power of God’s Word and discipleship, and practical tips on how to navigate these turbulent waters.

Are you ready to uncover the hidden strengths and ignite the healing flames within these courageous young hearts? Join us as we unlock the power of resilience and discover the extraordinary impact that teachers can have in fostering a future of hope and restoration. Tune in to the Teacher Edition Podcast today!

About Our Guest

Esther Cruice

Esther graduated with a degree in practical Christian training with a proficiency in childcare. She and her husband have four children. They have two boys and two girls, and they also have four grandkids. Esther has had quite the variety of experiences interacting with children. She’s worked with children in a daycare setting, in classroom settings, church settings, parenting, foster parenting, and early intervention. Esther was a daycare director and assistant director for four years. She was a two year old room teacher for three years, a fourth grade teacher for a year, and an early interventionist for 11 years. The Lord has given Esther and her husband a burden and a passion for working with foster children, and together they have fostered 33 children over the last 10 years. Esther now works as a foster care coordinator with Miracle Hill Ministries.

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