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“We’ve lost them. 80 to 90% of them we’ve lost. I mean the millennials. It’s insanity to do the exact same thing we’ve been doing and expect different results. And the one element that the church, the Christian evangelical family in America was missing, was the school.”

This is why Christian education and a biblical worldview are critical. In this episode, join Jenny and special guest, Jeff Keaton, founder and CEO of Renew Nation Renewanation and Illuminated iLumenEd Academy, as they explore these topics from a practical angle. 

How many forms of education are there? What separates them? What is the Christian school teacher’s role in the God-given mandate to train up children? Can Christian education lack biblical worldview shaping?  What if I’m currently a public school teacher who’s a christian and I feel God calling me to teach in a Christian setting? If there’s not a Christian school in my area, is there a way to get one started? 

In this episode, expect answers to all of those questions and more! Don’t miss out on this exciting conversation with Jeff Keaton. Tune in to the podcast episode now and discover how you can impact and inspire your students through Christian education and a biblical worldview!

About Our Guest

Jeff Keaton

Jeff Keaton

Jeff Keaton and his wife, Michele are faithful servants with 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. He has been a pastor, a church and school planter, and a ministry entrepreneur.  He is the founder and CEO of RenewaNation and iLumenEd Academy (that’s RenewaNation’s virtual school). He is also the founder of RenewaNation magazine. Jeff is also the author of The Life of Radical Faith.  He has dedicated his life to awakening the church – and the Christian school – to the great need of giving every child a biblical worldview.

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