Show Notes

Curious about the power of school culture and connection in education? Join Jenny and special guest, Kevin Cyprian, principal of Newport Christian School in California, as they explore school culture within Christian education!

What does a school brimming with camaraderie, dedication, and a love for learning look like? How did Kevin transition from a groundskeeper and cook to the principal of the same institution, showcasing the transformative power of faith and perseverance?

How did Newport Christian School survive a recession with unwavering determination, growing from 17 to a record 425 students? What are the three core pillars that make a great teacher? How can effective communication and a nurturing environment fuel student success?

What heartwarming stories capture the spirit of Newport Christian School’s culture? Is teaching a competition or a collaborative journey? And how does building relationships with students leave a lasting impact beyond academics?

Get ready for a paradigm shift in understanding school culture, personal growth, and collaborative excellence. Tune in to the Teacher Edition podcast to explore these questions and experience the transformative power of education. Are you ready?

About Our Guest

Kevin Cyprian

Kevin began at Newport Christian in 1995. He spent 12 years teaching fifth grade. Afterward, he served as the supervisor of the learning center at Newport Christian. After those two years, he left the classroom and oversaw the finances for the church and the school. In 2013, he took on the dual role of teacher and principal, and most recently he’s been teaching algebra and Bible along with being principal. He has a bachelor’s degree from Colorado Technical Institute and a master’s degree in education from the American College of Education, both online. And currently, on top of everything else he’s overseeing, he is working on his doctorate in education from Liberty University.

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