Show Notes

How can you make learning fun? Where can you find inspiration to implement new creative teaching strategies? How can you make your classroom environment inviting and engaging for students? 

Embark on an educational adventure in this episode with Jenny and guest LeAnn Thorpe, a seasoned teacher with a flair for making learning irresistibly fun. 

LeAnn shares her secrets on creative teaching strategies, from captivating dress-up days to thematic wonders that turn ordinary lessons into extraordinary experiences. But it’s not just about the activities. LeAnn shares her passion for creating a collaborative and enjoyable learning atmosphere and how you can do the same in your classroom.

Join Jenny in this lively conversation, and be inspired to infuse joy into your classroom. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a new teacher, LeAnn’s insights will spark your creativity and reignite your passion for teaching. Don’t miss this chance to transform your classroom into a hub of excitement and discovery. Tune in now to bring the joy back into learning!

About Our Guest

LeAnn Thorpe

LeAnn Thorpe is currently in her 18th year of dedicated service as an educator at Wilmington Christian Academy in Wilmington, NC. Possessing a degree in education, she has also contributed her teaching expertise to several other educational institutions prior to her tenure at Wilmington Christian. Apart from her professional endeavors, LeAnn finds enjoyment in beach walks and the collection of sharks’ teeth. Notably, she channels her creativity towards enhancing the learning environment by developing engaging content. With three grown sons and a daughter-in-law, LeAnn’s personal experiences as a mother have uniquely informed her approach to infusing enjoyment into the learning process, an aspect she actively pursues to make education a dynamic and fulfilling experience for her students.

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