Show Notes

Embark on an exciting journey through the world of education in this enlightening podcast episode. Join Jenny and Mark Cronemeyer as they unravel the intricate challenges and opportunities faced by administrators and teachers joining a new school. 

Through the insightful lens of Mark’s experiences, listeners gain a profound understanding of the most prominent areas for immediate attention in a new setting. Here are some of the topics that they tackle: 

  • What role does facilities play in prioritizing change? 
  • What is an appropriate view of programs, school curriculum, and their place within the culture of a school?
  • How powerful is the impact of effective personnel in a school setting?? 
  • When activating change, what role do wisdom and timing play? 
  • How does a biblical worldview influence a school philosophy and culture? 

With the spotlight on philosophy, personnel, program, and facilities, this podcast episode equips educators, administrators, and learners alike with transformative insights. Tune in now to uncover the keys to creating an impactful and inspiring educational journey. Listen, learn, and embark on a path of educational excellence!

About Our Guest

Mark Cronemeyer

Dr. Mark Cronemeyer, known to many as “Dr. C,” possesses a distinguished career in education that spans over three decades. For four years, he served as a secondary teacher before transitioning to leadership roles as the head of school in multiple Christian educational institutions. Presently, he holds the position of Head of School at Killian Hill Christian School, located just outside of Atlanta. In addition to his vast experience, Dr. C’s academic accolades include two master’s degrees and a doctorate in education.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. C is a devoted father to three children and a proud grandfather to seven grandchildren. He is passionate about soccer, whether he’s on the field playing, spectating, or coaching.

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