Show Notes

Step into the world of parent-teacher conferences with the latest episode of the Teacher Edition podcast. In this captivating conversation, our host, Jenny, welcomes Dr. Jason Harrison, the head of Florida Christian School in Miami. Jason brings invaluable experience and keen insights into the often-complex dynamics of parent-teacher relationships.

During their discussion, Jenny and Dr. Harrison delve into various facets of parent-teacher conferences, including communication techniques, balancing feedback, and the importance of active listening. Dr. Harrison also provides practical advice on employing the “compliment sandwich” approach in conferences, a method designed to frame constructive criticism between positive comments.

A key aspect of their conversation is a comparison of virtual versus in-person conferences. Dr. Harrison expounds on the advantages and drawbacks of both formats. He also shares his essential communication strategies for effective and respectful dialogues with parents. Techniques such as creating a sense of urgency and empowering all relevant parties are covered, providing listeners with a tool kit to navigate these critical interactions.

Closing the episode, they delve into the increasing popularity of student-led conferences, highlighting the potential benefits and implementation strategies. With a wealth of practical insights and expert advice, this episode is a must-listen for educators aiming to strengthen their approach to parent-teacher conferences. Don’t miss out — tune in now!

About Our Guest

Jason Harrison

Jason Harrison is currently the head of school at Florida Christian School in Miami. He and his wife have three sons. In addition to three master’s degrees and a doctorate in technology administration, Jason is an ordained pastor with over two decades of experience in technology leadership, church leadership, and educational leadership.

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