Show Notes

Join Jenny and Natalie Hardy in this insightful podcast episode as they delve into the transformative power of mindset in education. Discover the contrasting forces of fixed and growth mindsets and how they influence the dynamics of teaching and learning. 

Uncover the secrets to cultivating a thriving classroom community that nurtures strong relationships. Natalie shares illuminating biblical passages that underscore the significance of treating each student with love and respect. 

Have you ever wondered how to guide students struggling with perfectionism? Tune in for expert advice on fostering a nurturing environment and addressing perfectionism in a healthy way. 

Don’t miss the heartwarming discussion on nurturing students’ growth and making a meaningful impact on their lives. Listen now to discover the keys to unlocking students’ potential and fostering a lifelong love for learning!

About Our Guest

Natalie Hardy

Natalie has a decade of experience as an educator, having served in teaching roles across multiple grade levels. Currently, she holds the position of elementary principal. A testament to her dedication to the field, Natalie has earned a master’s degree in educational leadership. Beyond her professional contributions, Natalie is an integral part of the Florence Christian School community, where her husband also lends his expertise as a teacher, coach, and guidance counselor. The couple shares two sons, with family outings frequently revolving around sports — especially those in which their boys participate — and adventurous activities. Outside of her educational commitments, Natalie cherishes her time shopping and relaxing at the beach. 

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