Show Notes

Embark on a compelling exploration of teaching teenagers in this enlightening podcast episode featuring host Jenny and special guest Pam Litzenberger, a seasoned middle school math teacher.  

How can educators build positive relationships with their students? In this episode, Jenny and Pam will share practical tips on how to influence students’ lives through genuine care and individualized attention, foster self-confidence, effectively manage a classroom, and regain control in chaotic situations.  

Join the conversation that delves into the struggles, rewards, and enduring impact of teaching, reminding educators of their pivotal role in students’ lives. Tune in now for a wealth of practical insights, and be inspired to persevere and thrive in the teaching profession! 

About Our Guest

Pam Litzenberger

With an impressive 32-year career in education, Pam Litzenberger’s expertise spans various grade levels from 3rd to 9th. Notably, she discovered her passion and aptitude for teaching middle school, where her skills truly shone. Throughout her esteemed career, Mrs. Litz has garnered numerous accolades, with tales of her impactful teaching resonating for years.

Despite the inherent challenges of teaching middle school, Pam took on the additional responsibility of being a math teacher, along with instructing in Bible and digital literacy. This dual role showcases her exceptional abilities as an educator, further underscored by the unique gifting bestowed upon her by God. Currently, Pam serves as a national consultant for BJU Press, focusing specifically on secondary subjects. Her dedication and expertise continue to make a lasting impact on the field of education.

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