Show Notes

Get ready to be inspired as Jenny sits down with Paul Brenner, head of school at Wayne Christian School in North Carolina, for a heartwarming and eye-opening episode. Paul’s journey into education is nothing short of remarkable, starting from a background in math and computer science to discovering his true passion for coaching and working with children. His unique perspective emphasizes the importance of problem-solving skills and embracing fresh approaches in the world of education. 

In this captivating conversation, Paul delves into the decision to align the school’s curriculum with a biblical worldview, ensuring that students are equipped with not just academic knowledge but also a strong foundation in faith. He shares how Wayne Christian School has embraced BJU Press textbooks, a move that has transformed the learning experience and enriched the students’ understanding of life from a biblical perspective. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Paul recognizes that empowering teachers is the key to unlocking a truly impactful educational experience. Tune in to hear his insights on the significance of providing teachers with the right materials, training, and dedicated time for professional development. You’ll be amazed at how Wayne Christian School prioritizes teacher growth and equips them to be transformative leaders in the classroom. 

The episode concludes with a heartwarming story that exemplifies the profound impact of teaching and the beauty of investing in the lives of students. Paul’s passion for education, unwavering commitment to a biblical worldview, and dedication to nurturing strong teacher-student relationships will leave you inspired and hopeful. 

Join us for this powerful episode as we dive into the world of education through the lens of a visionary leader. Get ready to be moved and motivated as Paul Brenner shares his invaluable wisdom and insights on creating a transformative educational experience rooted in faith and love.

About Our Guest

Paul Brenner

Paul is the Head of School at Wayne Christian School in Goldsboro, North Carolina. While Paul didn’t start in education, God called him to serve in his local church, where he developed his passion for coaching. This marked the beginning of Paul’s journey into serving God through education. Paul and his wife have two children, and education is the family business. Both his wife and daughter serve at the school as well. Paul has degrees in math and computer science, software engineering, and education.  

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