Show Notes

Are you looking for practical ways to enhance your students’ learning? Get ready to take your brain to the weight room!

While you may or may not be a fitness fanatic, our brains are like a muscle, so how do we help our students get mentally strong and move past the light lifting?

In this episode, special guest Rachel Santopietro joins Jenny to explore how educators can empower students to grow and think critically.

How do we change student mindsets? Can we help students engage in joyful learning? Which should I praise more – talent or effort?

So grab those weights or rather Bloom’s Taxonomy for this incredible episode! Don’t miss out! Tune in now to discover practical strategies to help your students develop a growth mindset and become lifelong learners. Let’s start shaping the minds of the next generation!

About Our Guest

Rachel Santopietro

Rachel Santopietro is passionate about helping students experience the joy of learning. She has a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in education. She has been a teacher as well as a writer, and she draws from both of those experiences in her current position overseeing instructional design for writing teams at BJU Press.  Her husband Mike also works at BJU Press, and they have three fantastic kids. Did you know that she’s a rock climbing enthusiast who loves to explore God’s creation? If you meet her, be sure to ask about her rock climbing adventures.

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