Show Notes

Play and learning make a powerful duo.  Join us on the Teacher Edition Podcast as we delve into the transformative power of playtime in education. Brace yourself for insightful exploration of its definition, value, and practical strategies that unlock the full potential of every child. 

In this captivating episode, our guest Rebeka defines play as a gateway to boundless exploration, creative expression, and thinking outside the box. She passionately highlights its inherent value for learning, providing teachers with invaluable insights into the academic and skill development of their students. 

Uncover the profound impact of play on cognitive skills, creativity, and the practice of reasoning and mathematics. Discover how playtime becomes a fertile ground for the development of social skills, fostering cooperation, empathy, and effective communication among children. 

Delve into the extraordinary role of play in honing problem-solving abilities, numeracy skills, measurement, sorting, and both fine and gross motor skills. Rebeka’s expertise illuminates the practical strategies that make playtime truly transformative, from providing ample time for engagement to guiding play without stifling its intrinsic spontaneity and so much more! 

Prepare to be inspired as Rebeka  invites teachers to embrace their role as facilitators during playtime, empowering children to navigate social skills and problem-solving independently. Unveil the secret to encouraging interaction among students, honoring each child’s unique needs and personality.

Are you ready to embrace the profound power of play? Tune in to the Teacher Edition Podcast today. Together, let us unleash the imagination, ignite the spark of learning, and nurture a generation of students who fearlessly embrace the world with curiosity, resilience, and a profound love for learning!

About Our Guest

Rebeka Ulrich

Rebeka has been a preschool teacher for 10 years. She has a degree in early childhood education, interdisciplinary studies, and she has just surrounded herself with children for years. In addition to teaching, she’s been a classroom aide, a substitute teacher, a church nursery and preschool coordinator, and worked in a number of children’s ministries. Rebeka loves to read, garden, and go thrifting with her girls!

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