Show Notes

Are you an educator looking to incorporate critical thinking and a biblical worldview into your curriculum? Do you know what truth, beliefs and tether balls have in common? Then you won’t want to miss this podcast episode featuring Renton Rathbun.

The podcast episode features Renton Rathbun, BJU Press National Consultant and director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at BJU, discussing the importance of critical thinking in education using a biblical worldview. 

“Critical thinking” and “Biblical worldview” have become buzzwords in Christian education circles, but the substance of what they really are and how they intersect is often lacking. We cannot minimize a vital topic like critical thinking or assume a Bible verse on a poster or on a textbook page effectively gives students a biblical worldview.  

In this episode, Renton shares his own Tether Ball analogy when it comes to critical thinking, the problem with regurgitation tests, the importance of justifying beliefs to have knowledge, and how to select resources that integrate and encourage critical thinking and biblical worldview shaping. 

Jenny and Renton emphasize the interconnectedness of critical thinking and a biblical worldview, providing practical tips for educators to incorporate both into daily instruction and learning.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Renton Rathbun. Tune in to the podcast episode now and discover how you can impact and inspire your students through critical thinking and a biblical worldview!

About Our Guest

Renton Rathbun

Renton Rathbun is a knowledgeable and authentic teacher with a background in both secular and Christian education. He has been a classroom teacher for over two decades, but he isn’t just a teacher. He’s a learner! He holds a degree in English education and master’s degrees in speech, writing, philosophy, and theology. Plus, he has a PhD in apologetics! Currently, Renton serves as a Biblical Worldview national consultant for BJU Press and is the director of the Center for Biblical Worldview at Bob Jones University. 

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