Show Notes

In this eye-opening podcast episode, Jenny engages in a crucial conversation with electronic crimes expert Rick Floyd, delving into the intricate web of technology and its profound impact on students’ lives. Unraveling the complexities of social media, they explore potential pitfalls such as cyberbullying and the sharing of inappropriate images, shining a light on the risks that lurk in the digital realm. 

This episode underscores the pivotal role educators play as guides and protectors, emphasizing the need to stay abreast of the apps students are using and instill in them the principles of safe technology use. As technology’s influence continues to reshape the educational landscape, Floyd advocates for continuous education and awareness, empowering both educators and students to navigate the digital world securely. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the intersection of technology and education and discover proactive measures to ensure students’ safety in this ever-evolving technological landscape.

About Our Guest

Rick Floyd

Rick Floyd offers over two decades of law enforcement experience, specializing in internet and computer crimes investigations. With a robust foundation in computer forensics, he played integral roles in various task forces, including the local U.S. Customs and South Carolina Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. These positions allowed him to collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies to combat online solicitation and enticement cases involving underage individuals.

In his post-law-enforcement career, Rick has transitioned to the field of education, where he focuses on promoting safe and responsible technology usage. Additionally, he actively engages with students, parents, and community groups, sharing valuable insights into the online risks faced by both children and adults. Rick’s unwavering commitment lies in advocating for the constructive use of technology, drawing from his extensive experience to foster a safer digital environment.

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