Show Notes

In this podcast episode, host Jenny Copeland welcomes Dr. Shane Blanton, the executive director of the Midsouth Association of Independent Schools, to discuss post-pandemic education. They explore the main challenges faced by schools and teachers, including academic struggles and the need for the right curriculum and professional development. Shane highlights the importance of strong relationships within families and churches and discusses the various reactions and responses to the pandemic in education. He also addresses the role of parents and guardians in education and offers encouragement and advice to teachers and administrators. 



About Our Guest

Dr. Shane Blanton

Shane Blanton is the esteemed executive director of the Midsouth Association of Independent Schools, overseeing 130 schools across three states and catering to over 50,000 students. Prior to this role, Shane held leadership positions as the head of both boarding and day schools. In a unique blend of experience, he also served his country as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army, bringing a distinctive perspective to his educational leadership.

Academically, Shane boasts a robust educational background, with degrees in political science, public policy and administration, and educational leadership, culminating with a doctorate in educational leadership and research. Beyond his primary roles, he actively contributes to the broader educational community, serving on various boards and as an adjunct professor. Shane is an author as well, and his multifaceted contributions to education are vast and impactful.

Residing in Mississippi with his wife, Dawn, and their four sons, Shane Blanton’s dedication to education and leadership is both profound and inspiring.

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