Show Notes

Do you ever wonder how you can best support students who face challenges with speech or language in your classroom? Join us on a transformative episode of the Teacher Edition Podcast as we delve into the heart of this topic, offering practical guidance and heartfelt encouragement.

In this episode, Jenny and speech-language pathologist Sharon Younger, explore the power of a Christian worldview and its profound impact on speech-language pathology. Sharon Younger shares her belief that everything good in this world is a creation of God, highlighting the challenges we face due to the fall and the hope of redemption that guides her work. Learn how to reflect God’s love and grace through your interactions with students and colleagues.

When should you refer a student for speech therapy? What are some practical strategies teachers can do to support students in the classroom? What are the critical signs that teachers need to be aware of? How do teachers create a safe and supportive environment for students who stutter? What is developmental language disorder (DLD), and how is it identified in a student?

Prepare to be uplifted and inspired as you embark on this episode’s journey. Embrace your calling to uplift, empower, and ensure that every student’s voice is heard. Join us on the Teacher Edition Podcast today, and together, let’s unlock the true power of words.

About Our Guest

Sharon Younger

Sharon Younger is a speech-language pathologist with degrees in communication disorders and speech-language pathology, and she has her clinical certificate of competency from the American Speech-Hearing Association. She has worked in a number of different school environments for 9 years, and for the last 4 years, she has specialized in literacy and language disorders at a school for children with dyslexia. Sharon truly loves all things education and speech-pathology, but she also thoroughly enjoys painting and reading. She also loves spending time with her husband and her growing family

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