Show Notes

Ready to challenge what you know about dyslexia? Join us on an enlightening journey with Terrianne Hawks as we ask: What’s the real truth behind dyslexia? Are there early signs that can lead to prompt diagnosis? How can we debunk popular misconceptions about this condition? 

Can parents and teachers transform the lives of dyslexic students through teamwork? How does Scarborough’s Reading Rope help us better understand the complexities of learning reading? And how can practical tips like systematic phonics create a nurturing environment for them? 

Can compassion ignite remarkable transformations in struggling readers? What role does acceptance play in a parent’s understanding of their child’s dyslexia? Is early evaluation the key to helping dyslexic students thrive?

Tune into the Teacher Edition Podcast as we ask these questions and more. Brace yourself for an impactful conversation that celebrates the extraordinary potential within every dyslexic student. Are you ready? Don’t miss this episode! Listen today!

About Our Guest

Terrianne Hawks

Terrianne Hawks holds bachelor’s degrees in English and communication disorders and a Master’s of Education in English. While working on her bachelor’s degree in communication disorders, she studied dyslexia and began her Orton Gillingham training in 2009. She is now a certified member of the Orton Gillingham Academy and is currently working to achieve fellow level. Terrianne is a learner who is always looking to grow. For the past 13 years, she’s worked at an independent school for students with dyslexia. Although she’s passionate about teaching students and training teachers, her focus is her husband and her three little boys. They love spending time hiking, camping, reading, listening to music, and spending time with family! 

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