Show Notes

Prepare to be impacted and challenged as we embark into the world of first responders, and specifically as it relates to the classroom. Join us on the Teacher Edition Podcast as we delve into the powerful story of Master Trooper Tom Genco, a Christian in law enforcement, and gain insights into the intersection of faith, service, and education.

In this gripping episode, Master Trooper Genco shares his personal journey as a Christian in law enforcement, revealing how his faith guides and strengthens him in the face of adversity. Brace yourself for an intimate glimpse into his memories of September 11th, a day that forever changed our nation, and discover how his Christian convictions have shaped his dedication to protecting and serving others.

Uncover the often hidden connection between classrooms and first responders, as we explore meaningful ways that schools and communities can support and show appreciation for these unsung heroes who risk their lives for the safety of others.  Prepare to be inspired as Master Trooper Genco shares memorable ways in which law enforcement officers have been honored and then pulls back the curtain on various ways first responders can partner with schools.

In a deeply thought-provoking segment, we delve into the essence of personal responsibility and its impact on communities and the rule of law. Explore the profound connection between faith and personal accountability, as Master Trooper Genco shares his best advice for teachers guiding students and giving them a biblical worldview.

Are you ready to dive into the captivating intersection of first responders, education, and faith? Tune in to the Teacher Edition Podcast today, and together, let us honor the unsung heroes who embody the courage, dedication, and unwavering faith that inspire us all.

About Our Guest

Tom Genco

Master Trooper Tom Genco is from New York, but moved to Florida as a teenager. He accepted Christ as his savior at 15 and went on to major in pastoral studies in college. During that time, Tom met his wife, Tammie. Together they have one son.  In 2006, the Lord led Master Trooper Genco to pursue a career in law enforcement. One year later, he joined the South Carolina Highway Patrol. He began as a road trooper, and then after 12 and a half years, he transferred to a specialized unit, to help reduce the speed and promote the safety in construction zones. Now he serves in the insurance unit where he retrieves suspended license plates. As a trooper, he enjoys building relationships with people and educating the public about road safety.

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